We are an ATRA member

At Hyannis Transmission II in Hyannis we are proud to be ATRA Members with trained certified transmission specialists with the knowledge and ability to service and repair your transmission, whatever the problem.  ATRA’s strict standards mean as members, we are held to a higher standard of not only fair pricing but also moral treatment and polite service, in addition to quality maintenance and repair. For over six decades, ATRA has provided consumers with peace of mind, providing them with mechanics that our customers in Hyannis know they can trust. 

We know that at one time cars were simple: If the transmission didn’t shift right, you probably had a transmission problem. You took your car to the transmission shop and they fixed it. Simple, right?  As with most stories that begin this way, times have changed. Today, when your car’s transmission isn’t shifting right, well, it could be the transmission, but there’s a good chance that it’s something else… something seemingly unrelated to the transmission. Now, we use diagnostic equipment to see if it is indeed the transmission or something else in combination with our experience and training which is why our Hyannis drivers know and trust us here at Hyannis Transmission II.

Example.  You’re driving down the highway and the converter clutch locks up, right on time. Then, suddenly, the car begins to lurch and buck. Bad converter clutch, right?   Maybe. Maybe not. It could also be a problem in the converter clutch solenoid or the solenoid control circuit, opening and closing erratically. Then again, you could have a bad spark plug.

Wait, a bad spark plug? How would that cause the car to buck when the converter clutch comes on?  Actually, the situation is more common than you’d think. When the computer applies the converter clutch, it also leans out the air/fuel mixture, because it thinks you’re approaching cruise levels. With the transmission locked to the engine, the converter clutch increases the load on the engine, while eliminating any cushion between the two.  So, if a spark plug is worn, the extra load, combined with the leaner mixture can degrade the spark, causing an intermittent misfire. And since there’s no cushion between the engine and transmission, you feel every misfire through the entire car. Replacing the spark plugs eliminates the misfire, and improves the car’s performance.

This is just one example of how a seemingly unrelated condition can appear to be a transmission problem.  How can you identify the actual cause of the problem? You can’t. Not yourself, anyway. This is where an experienced transmission technician comes in. Our transmission technician here at Hyannis Transmission II knows where to look for problems of this nature, and is equipped to isolate and pinpoint the root cause of those problems quickly and accurately.

It’s also another reason why it’s so important to let our shop know exactly what you’re experiencing, without trying to diagnose the problem yourself. If you brought that car into the shop and asked for a transmission repair, you might have found yourself paying for work you didn’t really need. Because if we don't know there’s a problem, we will not be able to diagnose it for you. 

Hyannis Transmission II is an ATRA Member shop equipped with all of the diagnostic tools, training, and technical support necessary to identify the root cause of your car’s problems, and will be happy to help identify and correct those problems as quickly and inexpensively as possible. You just have to meet us halfway, by explaining the condition instead of trying to diagnose it yourself.

Why are we at Hyannis Transmission II an ATRA member, and why is it important? 

The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) network founded in 1954 of automatic transmission repair professionals can offer our customers repair and warranty coverage anywhere you’re likely to drive. Because, wherever you go there’s always an ATRA member nearby.  The ATRA network is the world’s largest trade organization of transmission rebuilders, transmission specialists, and transmission part suppliers with over 1,900 members which means that no chain can provide better warranty coverage than ATRA’s network of professional service centers.

Every ATRA Rebuilder Member must adhere to ATRA’s Code of Ethics…ATRA’s standards for providing honest, professional service. So, when you take your car to an ATRA Rebuilder Member, we know you’re assured of polite, professional service, at an honest price.  And not just automatic transmission repair: most ATRA Rebuilder Members also provide diagnostic and repair service for manual transmissions, clutches, differentials, driveshafts, drive axles, and transfer cases.

The Rebuilder Members of ATRA agree that while they remain, members of the Association, they will practice the pledges of the Association code of Ethics:  that they will adhere to the Service and Repair definitions which are part of the ATRA By-Laws; that they will subscribe to the Guarantee Standards which are shown herein; and that they will practice the Advertising standards of the association as per the following:

THE ATRA CODE OF ETHICS AND MEMBER PLEDGE for Rebuilder Members of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association

As members of ATRA, we, Hyannis Transmission II, pledge to ourselves and to each other to diagnose transmission problems for customers and for each other in an expert and honest manner and to state that the removal of a transmission from a vehicle in correction of its problems is necessary, only when this is the case.

• We pledge to provide a prompt and courteous in-car diagnosis on behalf of customers of other member shops free of charge

• We pledge to act with integrity and to speak at all times in a responsible manner, and in all ways to adhere to the concept of the Golden Rule in our dealings with the motoring public and with our competitors of industry.

• We pledge ourselves to the promotion and improvement of the automatic transmission service and repair industry through maintaining the highest standards for parts and workmanship quality.

• We pledge ourselves to the continual training and retraining of ourselves and our employees, to keep abreast of the constant changes in the state of the art of our industry.

• We pledge that our employees will be tested and certified continuously to be up-to-date with new technology.

• We finally pledge that such transmission assemblies as we represent to the consuming public and other members as “rebuild”, will have been re-processed according to the Association Rebuilding Standards and Definitions as outlined in these By-Laws.

That is why we at Hyannis Transmission II in Hyannis are a proud ATRA member!

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